Up for ice cream?

20140609-215459.jpgAre you up for ice cream? – We are up for it 24/7 or better have been for the better part of the last week. Even right now the ice cream maker is turning its rounds and churning a new batch of ice cream. This time: Super lemon ice cream. If life would consist out of ice cream the world would be all cotton candy and peace… Continue reading

Ice cream and pool parties

Yes, ice cream and pool parties. How does that sound? It’s summer and those two are two very important elements of a successful summer and since we are in Norway we have to use every opportunity and enjoy the sun and warmth whenever possible. On Tuesday M went with Munchkin to the mall and they bought a kiddie pool. He has been using it every single day with good enough weather since we got it. Ecky prefers to drink out of it.


Another week without snow but sweet

As the week before it didn’t snow and the weather forecast doesn’t show any snow for the next three weeks. What a strange winter. But to get a feeling for snow and doing what we usually do during winter weekends: skiing which is followed by a visit of the ski cabin to warm up with coffee and cinnamon buns, we went to the ski cabin without having skied, had a coffee without having cold hands and eating sweet buns without having burned those calories before. We just enjoyed the blue sky and sun shine. 🙂


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