Merry Christmas and a happy new year

img_4169Yes, it’s this time of the year. Here in Norway it’s the third Christmas day. We just keep counting Christmas days until it’s New Years Eve. So when you get invited between Christmas and New Year’s they might say: How about 4th Christmas day, 5pm? aka 29th of December. Continue reading

Still alive – back with new recipes


The last weeks have been full with appointments, things to do and just long days at the office. Last time fall had just started, now it feels like winter is just around the corner.

Last weekend was Halloween but at our boys kindergarten they had a troll fest instead of Halloween, since it’s not an original celebration in Norway. They had made troll tails at the kindergarten, we parents weren’t allowed to brush the hair nor to wash the face (trolls aren’t that clean). They sang troll songs, ate green cereal for lunch and for the afternoon snack I’d prepared scary spider cookies.IMG_3657 Continue reading

Our never ending story about booking flights

IMG_1057We love to travel and we travel often usually taking KLM and on the long haul flights across the big water they are (unfortunately) in most cases operated by Delta. Yes, we don’t like Delta, we actually disapprove them. But anyway it was time to get into it again and book the flights for our trip to San Diego and Eugene in May/June. Continue reading

Happy new year and we are packing lunch boxes now

IMG_0992Happy new year everyone out there! We had a blast on New Year’s Eve – we slept right through the fireworks. ūüėČ The champagne is still in the refrigerator – unopened waiting for the right moment to be popped. But who really cares about New Year’s Eve and fireworks if you just have had a date with eating out and visiting the movies. Knowing that your loved munchkin is with a nice ¬†babysitter. 8) Continue reading

Fall is here

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe last two weeks have passed by in a blink. We celebrated our munchkin for a second time and then M went for a couple of days to Amsterdam for a meeting, leaving me and the boys back at home. We had some awesome party nights with pizza, cheese Spätzle and other treats. Continue reading