Almost one year ago…

IMG_6047Hi folks,

sorry you haven’t heard from us for a couple of weeks but it was pretty busy… We were for a long weekend in Germany and visited friends and family. Back in Trondheim the swimming class started again and we tried to get used to a different schedule with our nanny and longer workdays. Theo has adjusted very well to our lovely nanny and is as happy as can be when I come home. She’s so motivated and tries to teach him a lot. It’s an awfully good feeling to be at work and know that your baby is better than alright. 🙂 Continue reading

I’m so jealous


I’m so jealous for everyone who can sleep except me. Isn’t it unfair when you try to fall asleep but either your snoring honey next to you or your fuzzing baby boy keeps you awake. And then finally after hours you fall asleep just to be woken up by the alarm clock -way too soon of course. Good that everyone of us knows this feeling and we can comfort ourselves knowing that we aren’t alone. (A weak comfort when you are everything but awake.) Continue reading