Still alive – back with new recipes


The last weeks have been full with appointments, things to do and just long days at the office. Last time fall had just started, now it feels like winter is just around the corner.

Last weekend was Halloween but at our boys kindergarten they had a troll fest instead of Halloween, since it’s not an original celebration in Norway. They had made troll tails at the kindergarten, we parents weren’t allowed to brush the hair nor to wash the face (trolls aren’t that clean). They sang troll songs, ate green cereal for lunch and for the afternoon snack I’d prepared scary spider cookies.IMG_3657 Continue reading

It’s jam season

Finally the strawberries and raspberries are here and I’ve picked a lot of pounds in the last couple of weeks. Everything is about a month later than usual due to the cold summer. July was mostly cold with temperatures around 12C and rain paired with heavy winds. But here is August and the last few days have been awesome and really warm. Yeah!

IMG_2952 Continue reading

Oh you beautiful Rome

IMG_0455We are back again at home, actually already since last week. Munchkin and I had a couple of wonderful days in Rome where we spent some time with an old and dear friend from study time. Oh man, I sound like a grandma… We ate lovely food, munchkin and I went every morning out to hunt our breakfast and we did it like the Italians: order and drink your cappuccino at the counter and have an Italian croissant. After the second morning I ordered in Italian. Continue reading

Jam once again

IMG_6241The last two weeks were busy, busier than usual partially due to the closing deadline aka as our nearing vacation. Everyone wants a piece of you and there are so many appointments to check off that you feel like in a gurgle and time just flies. But right now, I don’t worry, I’m on vacation and from Wednesday on, M is on vacation too and we head over the big water to visit family and run a race (half marathon in Ashland, Wisconsin). Continue reading