Another winter week without snow…

20140209-080741.jpgThis week has been a blur for us. Last Sunday we went to friends to watch with them the Super Bowl. Munchkin and I left around 9.30pm cause we were tired and I had to go to work next day. M came home around 2.30am. They had made a traditional dip for the Super Bowl: a 7-layer dip. It looked cool and the sour cream was mixed with cream cheese. Very nice!


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Another week without snow but sweet

As the week before it didn’t snow and the weather forecast doesn’t show any snow for the next three weeks. What a strange winter. But to get a feeling for snow and doing what we usually do during winter weekends: skiing which is followed by a visit of the ski cabin to warm up with coffee and cinnamon buns, we went to the ski cabin without having skied, had a coffee without having cold hands and eating sweet buns without having burned those calories before. We just enjoyed the blue sky and sun shine. 🙂


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Chocolate is in the air

20140116-183232.jpgChocolate makes everyone happy, doesn’t it? Right now the sweets factory on the opposite side of the road is producing chocolate at least it smells like it. It’s pretty mean in my opinion. You step out of the door and what do you smell: chocolate. But there is no one who gives you a piece then. No, you are all alone with your imaginations about your favorite chocolates like dark thin chocolate from Lindt or Ghiradelli. At least with just smelling the chocolate it won’t end up on your hips which is good too. Continue reading

Pizza, muffins, goo and poop

20140103-231209.jpgLast week Thursday I prepared a chocolate cake on because I’d some unexpected free time. Then on Friday came our friend I and we made pizza. One deep dish pizza cause M had just confided that he loves deep dish pizza and a usual one baked on a pizza tray (those with the big holes in the tray). Since we don’t have this special pan for making a deep dish pizza we used our cast iron pan which you can put into the oven. It worked perfectly and M was happy and I and I too. Continue reading