Merry Christmas and a happy new year

img_4169Yes, it’s this time of the year. Here in Norway it’s the third Christmas day. We just keep counting Christmas days until it’s New Years Eve. So when you get invited between Christmas and New Year’s they might say: How about 4th Christmas day, 5pm? aka 29th of December. Continue reading

Here we are again, safe and sound back at home


So, we are back. Back home and back on our feet. We spent 8 days in Wisconsin and I was sick all the time plus the two days before we actually left and since we came back. M got sick a few days after we’d arrived there, just with a cold in the beginning before he came down with too and munchkin he started with a pink eye before he caught a cold too.

Continue reading

Jam once again

IMG_6241The last two weeks were busy, busier than usual partially due to the closing deadline aka as our nearing vacation. Everyone wants a piece of you and there are so many appointments to check off that you feel like in a gurgle and time just flies. But right now, I don’t worry, I’m on vacation and from Wednesday on, M is on vacation too and we head over the big water to visit family and run a race (half marathon in Ashland, Wisconsin). Continue reading

Baking while sleeping

20140722-211910-76750424.jpgAnd again we’re complaining. The weather hasn’t changed much since the last entry, maybe in the direction that it was and is even warmer than before. It’s so warm that we feel like sausages being fried when we enter our terrace or sleeping in an oven at night. What was our solution for the missing sleep due to the heat? -We camped in the living room and slept on our spare mattress. Continue reading

Up for ice cream?

20140609-215459.jpgAre you up for ice cream? – We are up for it 24/7 or better have been for the better part of the last week. Even right now the ice cream maker is turning its rounds and churning a new batch of ice cream. This time: Super lemon ice cream. If life would consist out of ice cream the world would be all cotton candy and peace… Continue reading

Ice cream and pool parties

Yes, ice cream and pool parties. How does that sound? It’s summer and those two are two very important elements of a successful summer and since we are in Norway we have to use every opportunity and enjoy the sun and warmth whenever possible. On Tuesday M went with Munchkin to the mall and they bought a kiddie pool. He has been using it every single day with good enough weather since we got it. Ecky prefers to drink out of it.