Portland…my city for 2h 23min


yes, I’ve done it and I still feel pretty good about it. Others were faster, others walked but I finished as I’d planned it: running all the way. My boys picked me up after the race.

We are in Eugene now and vacation started right after the race for me.

See you soon again…

After the race is before the race! πŸ˜‰

We have gone lazy…

20140413-205704.jpgEaster is getting closer, I’ve just one day at work next week and then…vacation…! Btw it’s really nice to be an employee in Norway during Easter. We have public holidays from Maunday Thursday until Easter Monday. Only Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is a usual day.

But we have been cooking: ricotta gnocchi, cinnamon and jam twists, a new pizza recipe, Graham crackers, Bagels. This week we are going to prepare a semifredo cheesecake and a cake with in total 9 layers: almond crust, white chocolate mouse and a rich dark chocolate mouse, that 3 times and then finished with a layer of shiny chocolate. How does that sound? I hope I’ll manage it.

Otherwise we plan to go to Γ…re one day and to the swimming pool in Trondheim. And then: relaxing.

Munchkin has taken over the floor, trying to pull the electrical cords out of the sockets and he loves to chase Ecky.


Happy New Year

Theo and we wish everybody out there near and far a happy and prosperous year 2014.


We have a scant hour to go before 2014 starts for us. What’s in for us in 2014? – We haven’t planned too much yet. But for sure we are going to visit the grandparents, all the aunties and uncles and the other relatives in Europe and overseas. We are starting with that right away in January with a trip to Germany and in the end of February we are, Theo and I, going to visit my host family and good friends in Oulu, Finland.
I hope to participate in the half marathon in Cape Town. I’ve entered the lottery since the first batch is already sold out. It’s getting exciting. *fingers are crossed*

Oh, I ordered a new book for cupcakes. It’s with recipes of the hottest cupcake bakery in NY. I look forward and hope it arrives soon.

Otherwise we’ll continue to make a fish out of our Theo. πŸ™‚

Stay tuned! πŸ™‚

Into the white

Last week Friday we took off to our adventure overseas.

It already started the evening before we left: we had to pack and a very strong storm, Ivar, was blowing outside, canceling the Christmas concert, making our friends to refugees at our place and at work and making our trip more interesting.

I went around 1am to bed and the alarm went off at 2.30am again. That was a pretty short night for me..

Finally everything is packed and we are ready to go


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It could be worse…

to get up and have breakfast at 5.45am. Yes, it’s hard but such a smile compensates for it…


Btw we are going to Lisbon on Saturday, don’t expect a new post before middle of next week. πŸ˜‰
We have to get some warmth in our bodies after it had been snowing here and it looks like this:


Temperature at 6.30am: -8C

Have a great time! πŸ™‚