Goo adventures


It’s me the family’s munchkin. Do you want to know what I eat, what I like and what not? Well, first of all, my mommy prepares it all and she knows what’s good for me. Daddy gives me treats though he lets me munch on waffles or some blueberry bundt cake. I don’t mind and we don’t tell mommy. It’s our secret, mine, daddy’s and Ecky’s. šŸ˜€

First: When you start introducing food to your munchkin, don’t have too high expectations. It’s strange to get something gooey in your mouth when you are used to liquid. Have some patience.

Second: We have a reflex which makes us gag and push the goo right out of our mouth again. Which means: we need a bit to learn to swallow no-liquids and overcome this reflex. Don’t push us.

Third: Our mouths are small. Find a tiny spoon. It’s easier for us to eat tiny portions and to get used to a spoon.

Fourth: Our bellies are tiny, so we won’t eat too much and the portions you are preparing for us are going to increase over the time.

Fifth: We like when our food either isn’t too cold nor too hot. Body temperature seems quite right.

Sixth: Since we have been on milk since born our system hasn’t gotten used to actually digesting real food. Food other than milk is a totally different thing and demands quite some power from our bodies. So, introduce new vegetables or fruits etc just one by one and let us get used to the new flavor over a few days first. This way you can also find out, if we have a problem with it = e.g. rash on the butt or not.

Seventh: The newest guidelines for allergy prevention say, it’s good to introduce dairy, fish and sea shells, gluten and eggs before we are turning one. But that’s only the case if you don’t have any allergies running in your family. You want to know why? Well, if we are introduced to new things like gluten, eggs, fish etc in small amounts while we are still being nursed for most of the time, we are protected through the milk. But hey ask your peds, he should know best!

Eighth: Sometimes those goos can be very boring. Use herbs like: tarragon, basil amd oregano to improve.

Ninth: We like sweet cause breast milk is sweet (sorry formula babies, your stuff is a bit more boring) and almost nothing which is sweet is harmful / poisonous. So, sweet = good is kind of built into us. We like salty too, cause we know that we need minerals etc. But: bitter, sour and umami well, that’s something we have to learn to eat first. Some grown ups say that if your mommy has been eating bitter stuff during pregnancy and when breast feeding, it’s more likely that we’ll like it too. We got introduce to this kind of flavor already. If you ask me, Broccoli is edible but the real good stuff that’s the stuff which comes out of mommies milk bar. Always good, always the right temperature… 8)

Tenth: Our esophagus is very narrow, as narrow as the inside of a pen. So, mommies and daddies make sure that our eagerness of munching on something doesn’t cause us any harm. Keep pieces we are supposed to munch on big or have them in a fresh food feeder (the thing which looks like a binky with a net) and make sure it doesn’t fall apart like sweet buns.

My mommy started with cooking carrots and potatoes for me. She pureed them finely and then she always mixes a bit of flaxseed oil under the goo. That’s good cause it’s “greasing” the system and carrots have almost no calories. Every one recommends to start with carrots, but they can actually cause constipation. After that worked well and I’d eaten it a few times, she extended it and added or swapped the potatoes to another veggie. And I always had to eat it for a few days to see, if I’m going to get a rash or something else from it which would have meant: intolerance.

We are vegetarians that means I’ve to get my iron from somewhere else than meat. I eat millet flakes which contain a lot of iron and to make it possible for me, to get it actually out, mommy adds a bit of apple juice. The code word is vitamin C. It’s needed to break the millet down to get the iron out. Oats, salmon, eggs and cod contain a lot of iron too. Oh and I get to eat millet flakes cause then the millet has to be cleaned off other stuff, which we shouldn’t eat before we are one year old.

Since our kidneys are not mature enough to transport salt out of our bodies, so please don’t use salt for any of the food you prepare for us. You can pimp our food with herbs like basil, tarragon or oregano. Just plain potatoes with carrots are otherwise very bland and boooooring.

My mommy writes down what she has fed me. She wants to be able to figure out if I’ve trouble with something.

We started with warm lunch for me. That I’ve enough time before we go to bed to digest it. I (and my parents) want to sleep well and don’t have belly ache at night. Later I got some fruit saue in the morning as a snack and in the evening hot cereal. For a few days I got some rice cereal which was good, but if you believe it or not, it upset me and I got night terrors. So, we switched back to hot cereal with millet.

No-Go-Foods until we turn one:

honey: it can cause botulism neuropathy

salt: our kidneys aren’t ripe enough yet

nuts: too big, they can get stuck in our pipe on the way down to our belly

everything which causes belly pain or bloating: beans, cabbage, onions etc

Here the goos I’ve eaten so far and like:

sweet potatoes with carrots

sweet potatoes with broccoli


potatoes with cod and peas

turnips with carrots and millet

apple pear sauce


apple pear mango sauce

banana and avocado with millet

In addition I’ve eaten: cucumber, paprika, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, black berries, salmon, cauliflower (I didn’t like it really), turnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli (that one has a strong flavor too), peas, cod, apples, pears, mango, pineapple, avocado, banana, hard bread, milk foam, cheese cake

Actually my parents have let me lick on a lot of stuff since I’ve been 3 weeks old. We always sit together when we eat and have a nice time. They do the same when we are traveling. We were at a starred restaurant in Lisbon when I was just 8 weeks old and I got to taste everything on mommies plate (chestnuts, zucchini, mushrooms, cod, pumpkin etc.).

Broccoli potato goo…not a hit..




Hi friends,

I’m six months now! šŸ™‚

I’m eating twice a day hot cereals now. The first time in the morning mixed with fruits and then in the evening again. In the morning it loads me with energy while in the evening it fills my belly and makes me sleep without getting hungry all too soon again.

I’ve started to love milk. Milk foam is awesome but I always get only a few tiny spoons to eat because it prevents my body from getting all the iron out of the food. So. I’ve to be patient until I’m older before I can have more dairy. But a few tiny spoons every now and then are ok.



Hi folks!

I got my first tooth! That is soooo cool and since I’ve a tooth I can chew too. Now I get soft pieces of bread or pieces of watermelon. Actually I get to chew on everything which is on the table: cheese, fruits, veggies, bread etc.

This week I’d for the first time Indian Chana Masala with brown rice for lunch. Oh man, that was spicy. My mom had left out the cayenne pepper but the spice mix was a bit spicy itself. So to neutralize the spiciness, we mixed a few drops of milk into the Chana Masala.

And you know what I really love: plain yoghurt. When my mom eats yoghurt, she only eats plain one while my dad needs the sugary version, she has to share with me. Don’t even think she can eat it without me noticing it. *eagle eyes*

This week I’m going on my 8th trip and just a week later we are going to the US. I’m looking forward to the food for me to taste.



It’s been a while since I’ve been here and told you guys about my food adventures. I’ve been to Oregon in May, then to Germany in August, to Wisconsin in October, to Rome in November and now we are going to Germany again. Oh my, I’ve eaten so many different things and goo is totally out for me. I eat everything what my mom and dad eat. I like to taste and they know that they have to share their food with me.

I love it when mommy prepares a sandwich with fried salmon and Asiago cheese. Then half of her sandwich goes into my belly. 8) or smoked salmon with cream cheese or wraps filled with falafel, hummus, salad and some spicy Sriracha sauce. Otherwise I would never say no to chunk of cheese eaten directly out of my hand, it doesn’t matter if it’s a piece of Brie or matured Gouda or Gruyere. I’m very open minded…

Tonight my daddy prepared Chana Masala which was really good. Look, doesn’t it look delicious?! Much better than goo.

IMG_0760But I’ve to be honest. I still have my problems with getting food on my spoon or fork and especially with keeping it there. Often it decides to get off my fork or spoon before I’ve managed to get it safe into my mouth. But we are getting better.

Psst..daddy and I have a secret: we love raw cookie dough. But it’s better if mommy doesn’t know about it…

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