Back from the US

And there we’re back home again. Our jet-lags are history, munchkin is going to barnehage again, the weather is most of the time cold and rainy but right now the sun is spoiling us at least until tomorrow.

IMG_2471The time in the US went as every time way too quickly. We went to La Jolla first where we stayed at a small inn for a few days. Just a road and the beach where separating us from the ocean. We watched sea lions and seals, pelicans, squirrels aka cliff rats and seagulls aka beach rats. From there we explored the nearby surroundings and found bakeries and cafes, a toy shop, the Legends gallery etc. We visited San Diego twice, once for picking up our bibs for the race and then of course on race day again. The weather god was good with us so the weather was chilly in the morning which was just perfect for us. Continue reading